ShortFormBlog: All hands on deck: Police chief deployed ten officers to find son's iPhone

Perhaps the true reason why our economy is STILL down is because most people don’t understand that everyone has to be on a budget nowadays…

..and why criminals still run free.


  • cause In January, a freshman at a California high school found that his iPhone, which had Apple’s Find My iPhone software installed, was missing from his locker. He informed his father, who happens to be the Berkeley police chief.
  • reaction Chief Michael Meehan put ten officers on the case,…

Some Ideas of What You Should Do to Make Yourself Financially Happier

This article does a really good job in giving you some endorsed (very likely) but still useful tips as to what banking accounts or savings you should be using if you’re a college student, at home parent, or a no credit/undercredit person.  For me, I believe all three scenarios are impactful since there is me and my mom (who has been a homemaker for a while) that can relate to the article.

Have fun saving! :)