Unemployed: What do you do when you have no credit (with or without a job)

Getting Credit w/o Credit History

For many of the more fortunate us that probably live in a different dimension, our credit scores would all be great and there would be absolutely no worries as to what we can buy, rent, and borrow. However, reality does not work that way. In fact, not only is getting a job very difficult these days but so is trying to get credit. And for me (a poor student with no legitimate start on building credit since it’s illegal for any credit card company to advertise to college students or purposely give them one without reason), I am stuck with the most bankly secure yet grueling options in order to figure out a way to live.

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ShortFormBlog: "Ninjas" suddenly in extremely high demand by tech companies


  • 2,505% increase in job postings looking for a “ninja” in May 2012 vs. May 2006
  • 67% increase in job postings looking for a “jedi” over the same period
  • 810% increase in job postings looking for a “rock star” or “rockstars” source

» Also in demand: “Gurus,” “evangelists”: If…

ShortFormBlog: JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon to testify before Congress


  • last week News broke that a a trading error by JPMorgan Chase led to at least $2 billion in losses for the company. Chief Investment Officer Ina Drew, one of the highest-paid female execs in the financial industry, was let go as a result.
  • today The Senate Banking Committee announced…

The Business Pursuit: How To Purchase Facebook IPO Shares If You Decide To


Everyone’s talking about Facebook’s upcoming IPO. Regardless of if you want to invest, this post should help you understand the IPO process, find out if you’re qualified to purchase Facebook shares, and provide some opinion on the valuation.

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"Well, Jamie, I know, is a phenomenal banker. So I would acknowledge that if we had to choose…most people would choose him and not me. But, I think fundamentally what he’s saying is ‘the way we did business before, we’re not going to be able to do under the capital and liquidity rules that we have.’ And that’s exactly what the regulator’s trying to get you to do, is change your business model. And no one likes to change their business model. I believe in capitalism and I believe in an economy, what happens when you increase the cost of a good. So do I think 10 years from now JPMorgan will be out of business because of Basel III? No. They’ll figure out another way to make money, but in a way that may be more investing in the economy and less speculating against competitors."